All architects are not equal. There are those for whom the esthetics of their vision takes precedence over the practicalities of your needs or your budget. Some try to teach you and make you wonder who the expert is. Others limit their services to one or few market sectors. We don't.

Setsquares Architects is different. We don't just design buildings, we practice architecture. And in so doing, we free ourselves from the burden of preconceived ideas - and we see that as a plus. So do our clients. Our clients benefit directly from our diversity and experience with all forms of architecture - commercial, institutional, residential, assembly and industrial.

We are problem solvers. Our outlook is creative, dynamic and solution-oriented. We apply the knowledge we gain from one form of architecture to another and focus it into a service dependent on diversity. This allows for cross-pollination of ideas and technology in creating the most appropriate design solution. We have the combined benefits of a long history, multi-disciplined experience and the understanding of today's business trends. This leads to projects that run more efficiently with greater savings potential and fewer regrets.

We don't want to be just your architect. We want to be your partner. You know your needs best. Our mandate is to listen, then guide. We commit a dedicated team of professionals to each project. Our process relies on open lines of communication between the project team and you. The results are a positive experience, a first-rate building that meets your needs and your budget, and a relationship that stands the test of time. Our successes are driven by utilizing these combined strengths to build dreams into practical realities. We get it, and we get it done.
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